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By the time you finish this short article you will have a better understanding of our firm and the differentiators that separate us from the pack. 

Imagine a bad day; one that would change the course-direction of your life forever. Your business gets robbed by your own sub-contractors and now you can’t finish the job. Your house burns to the ground because your neighbor’s fire pit flickering embers and one landed on your leaf-filled gutters. Your 17 year old daughter was involved in an accident she caused, and someone died. You received bad news at the doctors today, and now face chemo. Don’t worry, all of those are not real scenarios. I just said “imagine”. 

Our lives are filled with all types of events. The ones that happen before-the-line and the ones that happen after-the-line. The “line” itself is the nanosecond in time that it takes for a bad thing to happen to anyone of us. The bad thing about that line is, once you’ve crossed it, you can never go back to the way it was.

Now, Imagine yourself before-the-line. Imagine asking yourself, “how would I feel if I were on the other side of the line, after the bad thing happened”? The nice thing about imagining, is that you can do it before hand. 

So many individuals, families, and businesses go through life never realizing how close they are to that line. Take the time to have confidential conversations with us. Someday, those conversations will make the difference of whether you feel lucky when you’re on the other side of that line, or not so lucky.

We believe that making good decisions before-the-line with your life, family, business, home, cars, belongings, etc. is the best way to live. We also know that addressing before-the-line things can be difficult. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking with someone else, let us do that for you. If not with us, then we still encourage you to find someone to help you process these matters before the bad occurs.

We specialize in facilitating conversations before-the-line to ensure a better result if you find yourself after the line. 

If having this level of service, experience and access to the highest levels of asset protection, liability mitigation and risk management is important to you, consider becoming a client of our firm today. SL & Associates is not about pitching products, but utilizing the tools and resources available in the insurance industry to help you continue live life the way it was before the line.

This way you feel better about living LIFENOW.

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Feeling better about living lifenow