SL & Associates

​Private Client Insurance Advisory Firm

Professionals know how to do insurance the right way. 

Others do it to make a buck. We do it to make a difference. 

Professionals Serving vs. Selling - Insurance was once handled face-to-face by educated and trusted professionals. Now Insurance is being sold on TV or oline by cartoons, pigs, lizards, and comedians. As entertaining as it may be, jokes are not what we seek when something goes wrong. Unlike others, we take our job seriously. We meet with every client, examine situations, work to protect them, and deliver our very best so that during their worst day, peace of mind arrives. 

Experienced Specialists - Some "sell" insurance on the side; money-managers, investment advisors, finanacial planners, lawyers, accountant, and even bankers. At the point of a claim, you don't want insurance that was a side-dish. We are the subject matter experts in our field, specializing in one singular topic - INSURANCE. We know how to protect assets, mitigat liabilities, and transfer wealth safely. Its what we do and our reputation backs us up. Seek Professionals who are subject matter experts to work for you. I'm sure no one goes to their proctologist for a toothache. 

Our Approach Makes Sense - Insurance is not about money or possessions. Insurance is about transferring risk. Our 4-C's Approach works (Coverage, Carrier, Contact, and Cost). We make the time to understand your risk, we custom build your policies around your risk, and then align your policies with the insurance carriers that make it their business to cover your type of risk. Then we shop it in the open market for the very best deal. WE never compromise on our 4-C's, and neither should you. 

Insurance is like a parachute. If you don't have the right one at the right time, you may never need it again. If you are a business owner, executive, professional, head of family, SL & Associates Insurance Advisors should be a name you remember. 

Call SL & Associates, Professional Insurance Advisors, and discover what it feels like to work with professionals who dedicate theirs lives to protecting you. 

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